About Last Night: The Chip Kelly Saga

So….about all that.

As I’m sure all of you know from scouring Twitter late into the night, the Eagles met with Chip Kelly late into Saturday night and seemingly arrived at the same end the Browns found themselves in a day (and night) before. Basically by not “closing the deal” with Kelly and allowing to visit with the Eagles, the Browns have either risked losing their top coaching candidate or in a best case scenario, have just allowed themselves to pay Kelly a LOT more money.

Either way, the clear MVP in all of this is easily David Dunn, Kelly’s agent and reported “friend” of Joe Banner – for whatever that is worth. By possibly floating the idea that the Browns and Kelly were soon to be a marriage, then having Kelly visit with the Eagles, Dunn has just created a level of competition that may not have previously existed. Either way, Kelly is about to get seriously paid by one of these teams.

In the meantime, the Browns find themselves a bit stuck if Kelly signs with the Eagles or returns to Oregon. The presumed “other” candidate, Syracuse’s Doug Marrone, was locked up by the Bills – leaving a host of retreads such as Ken Wisenhunt, Lovie Smith and other non-Chip Kelly NFL assistants left for secondary interviews.

Anyway, before we regress into the typical “woe is me” defeatist Cleveland attitude, it’s worth stating that at least the current management team is involved in big-boy business and is targeting what appears to be the hottest coaching candidate. Although it may not appear as such, this is a vast improvement over what came before.

However, at least in the event that Kelly doesn’t land in Cleveland, it’s not like either Banner or Haslam will escape unscathed. Rod of Disaster presents a case that sees Banner as fumbling a golden opportunity. Check the COMMENTS section for his take (found in Friday’s post).

Until something actually happens, just remember that things could always be worse.

And always remember that the NFL is governed by money. Lots and lots of money.

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Comments (12)

  1. Berlin-T

    I never had a good feeling about Kelly. If he ends up going back to Oregon I think we lucked out. I mean, if he is so undecided about moving to the pro league I can’t help but think that he might very well have had self-doubt about whether he really could adapt his system successfully to the NFL.
    The big question now is where do we go from here? I’d be happy with Whisenhunt, Arians or any number of other coaches with a good NFL track record.

  2. Well,Well, well here we are, were are we? I suppose losing out on old chip may have been the lead ingot that we browns fans needed to bring us back down to earth since Haslam offically took over. Not really, I found watching thd playoff teams lead by rookie quaterbacks much more agonizing. However, I wittnessed what our Browns need watching these teams move the ball up and down the field with rookies at the helm. Brandon Weeden is not a bad QB, the system his coaches failed to tailor the offense to his strengths. So what if we missed on chip, all we need is a guy with a brain bigger then his ego……………..

    • For the 8,983rd time, Shurmur ruined Weeden and the Browns could have been one of those playoff teams that lost if only they had an average Head Coach.

      • fubar

        Dave, I think you are judging Weeden a little too highly here. “I can only go by what I see.” – brutal but true words. Weeden will never be a Superbowl winning, franchise quarterback. Could the offensive scheme have been tailored better to his strengths, with much better playcalling? Yes. But that still would not have been enough to turn Weeden in a top QB.

        And now, Dave, prepare to feint. You know how much I loathe Shurmur. And yet, in the end, I think his horrid coaching cost the Browns only two wins, three tops. With so many rookies and second year players on the team, an 8-8 record was about the best the Browns could have achieved. Shurmur ensured the record was worse than that, but the players didn’t help.

        • It’s impossible to evaluate a QB in Shurmur’s system, therefore any real judgments about Weeden should be delayed until better evidence is presented. The guy had to both adjust to NFL speed AND play in a 1993 offense – two extraordinarily difficult things to do.

  3. pdxscott

    when he walked out of the meeting with the browns on friday night without signing a contract, i doubted that he’d end up with the browns.

    when he did the same thing to the eagles saturday, i figured he’d go back to oregon.

    i don’t really know what else banner and haslam were supposed to do. they wanted kelly and they went after him hard. when it was clear that he was jerking everyone around, they did what any self-respecting FO would do and immediately walked away.

  4. Bill Adams

    And next year Kelley will play two or three more teams’s fan bases.

    • fubar

      If Kelly is stupid enough to play the interview game with NFL teams yet again next year, he is in for an awful shock. First of all, I don’t think he’ll get nearly the attention, and many teams will refuse to take the bait. Twice bitten, thrice shy.

      That will leave him stuck at Oregon for a while, but with fans and boosters tiring of his gameplaying, prima donna, bullshit, and beginning to turn on him. And three years in a row of flirting with jumping ship will cost him high quality recruits. Why go to Oregon when the wishy-washy coach could bail out at any time on the program?

      Kelly’s smart move now is to stick with the Oregon program for another three to five years, keep going to bowl games, and maybe win a national championship or two. Then, and only then, should he make another play for the NFL.

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